Significance of the LOTUS Plant to Women Reaching Women's JUST LIVE Conference​​

All About Lotuses

The lotus plant is an aquatic plant that grows  in murky waters that are rich with nutrients. The lotus can be found across regions in India, east Africa, southeast Asia, and Australia. The lotus plant has a very active daily life cycle rooted in the mud. The plants lengthy stems reach upward to for its water sources. The lotus plant has lush blossoms that grow, and as the lotus blooms, the blossoms unfold individually, one by one. Each petal emerges pristine with a protective outer coating that repels dirt and muddy water. The lotus plant blooms by day and submerge  at night, reawakening above the water each morning. The petals shed after just a few days. 

Women Reaching Women chose the "RISE LOTUS" theme for this year's conference because we see the lotus plant as a symbolic reference to the resilience of many women around the world who RISE through all of life's challenges and blossom into who they were destined to be. 

 Our Annual JUST LIVE Conference is an experience of exchange, information, solidarity, and support that you do not want to miss!

       Join us this year in Atlanta, Georgia!


Photos from the Just Live Experience over the years

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2022 Just Live Experience:

Rise Lotus

 Atlanta, Georgia

 October 22, 2022 - October 23, 2022