​​​​Women Reaching Women ​Global

* A giving statement will be mailed to you annually.  The tax-deductible amount will be adjusted to reflect the fair market value of goods and services received from WRWG.
+ To receive discount, partner code must be provided at time of payment

-WRWG reserves the right to determine when these functions occur 

--Partnership Benefits Valid from 11/18 thru 10/19

WRWG view partnership as a covenant — it is a mission-critical relationship between a ministry and its friends.  As a partner of Women Reaching Women Global (WRWG), you are more than just a giver to a mission.  Our partners are our fellow laborers, essential pillars that ensure that this ministry is able to carry out the work of impacting lives with the love of God beyond the walls of our offices.  By supporting WRWG financially, our partners enter into a covenant relationship and grow with us as we impact lives at home in the U.S. and around the globe, ONE WOMAN AT A TIME.

Your gift of any amount makes you a friend of the ministry.  For expanded benefits, please see our additional Covenant Partner Levels.